At the beginning of the series each competitor is awarded a personal value of 2000 Euros. Each show is concluded by a very tough question game for three persons: the return competition. One of the competitors loses and receives his/her return ticket home. The loser must donate his/her 2000 Euros to one of the competitors in the group, who is thus made 2000 Euros richer. In the final edition of the show only one of the remaining 3 competitors can actually rake in the money he/she 'earned'. To achieve this he/she must reach the top of Africa's highest mountain first. If he or she fails, the money is down the drain too.
Performance, personality and money.
Those are the main issues in Mission Kilimanjaro. The competitors enter contests and carry out assignments surrounded by splendid culture and nature. But they are also confronted with the harsh reality of Africa, its poverty and heat.
The aim each competitor has set for him- or herself is to eliminate all the opponents.
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